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of dental practice owners cite culture and employee engagement as their top challenges.


of employees say they are burned out and lack motivation which leads to poor attitudes.


of people seeking a new dental job cite a negative team culture as the main reason for doing so.

What is Dental Team Culture and Why is it Important?

Dental team culture is simply “how your team does things at work”. A positive dental team culture is made up of two ingredients, team morale and teamwork. The morale is how your team feels about working at the practice. Teamwork is how they feel about working with each other.

Culture is a shared approach to work based on beliefs, values, and attitudes. If the culture is healthy, it will highlight what’s most important to the practice and represent the practice owner’s vision.  Patients will enjoy visiting the practice and comment that they feel comfortable in your care. A healthy team culture fosters collaboration and motivates employees, but a negative or toxic team culture leads to high turnover, negative attitudes, and canceled patient appointments.

Take a moment and ask yourself, “Does your team enjoy working for you and how do they feel about working together?” If the answer isn’t favorable to those questions, you may have a negative team culture.

5 Signs of a Negative Team Culture:

  • Never-Ending Gossip and Drama
  • Poor Team Attitudes
  • Lack of Proper Work Ethic
  • Ineffective Communication Among the Team
  • High Employee Turnover

The Solution

The great news is that we can help. We offer several solutions to help you create a positive dental team culture. Because we worked in dental offices for more than 20 years, we understand the struggles dental teams face and have seen what works and what doesn’t work.

The first step in working together is to schedule a “Discovery Call” with our team. (You can schedule your discovery call with us now by CLICKING HERE.) this call we will discuss the current culture, issues, team members, and what your vision is for the optimal team culture. From there, we will customize a program that fits your needs. Together, we will decide on the best solution and begin the training process.

Our programs are designed to help dental teams manage conflict without communication breakdowns or misunderstandings. Your team will feel a renewed sense of engagement, trust, and value. The result will be a collaborative team communicating well, showing up with positive attitudes, and motivated to increase in productivity for the practice.

DISC for Dental Teams

At Team Culture Works, we use DISC communication strategies to teach teams how to better communicate with each other and patients. We’ve created a mini online self-paced DISC course for dental teams and invite you to join us! Click on the picture below to learn more. Use code ‘dental20’ for 20% off!


dental team culture

Here are just a few benefits of cultivating a healthy, inclusive dental team culture:

  • Effective Communication: Team members that communicate well are 92% more successful than those that lack effective communication skills.
  • Engaged Team Members: Employees invested in the practice’s success get better results and are often more productive and efficient. Engaged team members are motivated and enjoy the workplace environment.
  • Reduce Turnover: Engaged employees are less likely to search for a new job, reducing recruiting and hiring costs. Patients will appreciate the stability, too!
  • Improved Collaboration: An effective team culture provides connections and outlets for employees to work together to solve problems. Instead of bombarding the dentist with challenges throughout the day, team members will present solutions.
  • Increased Productivity: Employees who care about the practice, its culture, and the patients are often more productive, allowing you to produce more business without hiring more people.
  • Opportunities for Innovation: Productive, collaborative employees come up with new ideas and often make them happen. This kind of innovation helps push your team and your business forward.

What Do Our Clients Say?

Tracy did a presentation for our team for our 10-year anniversary team building event. She is a very knowledgeable and an impressive speaker. She did fantastic at teaching and showing the group how to communicate with each other and grow together. We are a better team because of her!

Kellie H.

After the DISC Team Training program, my team’s communication is incredible! Everyone has a positive vibe and productivity has really increased.

Valerie M.

Tracy blew our expectations out of the park! She really did a deep dive into our culture and delivered spot-on training of our strengths, weaknesses, and the steps we need to take to reach our desired team environment!

Bill S.

Does your workplace culture align with the mission and vision of the end goal?

If not, reach out to us today to schedule your DISC Team Training.