Who We Are

Tracy Civick, National DISC Trainer

Tracy is a nationally recognized speaker, coach, and author who focuses on motivating leaders and their teams to work together in alignment with their mission and vision.

Over the past 17 years, Tracy has coached teams in multiple industries such as sales, healthcare, legal, and mid-sized corporations. Using her Master DISC Certification, Tracy uses the 5 foundational principles of building a strategic culture that will improve communication, respect, and successful completion of the end goal.

Those who have attended Tracy’s trainings walk away feeling a renewed sense of purpose along with the motivation to “get the job done”!

When she’s not speaking on stage or coaching office teams, Tracy enjoys spending time with her sons, Christian and Cameron. They skydive regularly, golf, and love spending time in the kitchen together. She is very involved in “Feed the Starving Children”, is passionate about Mexican food, nice people, and helping others grow “inside” their box.

Carrie Nelson, DISC Trainer

After years of working in corporate cultures such as Nordstroms and Saks Fifth Avenue, Carrie has developed the unique ability to relate to people “ where they are”. She brings calmness and structure to a chaotic environment and enjoys bringing healthy balanced perspective to the teams she trains.

Carrie’s competitive nature and appreciation for harmony are the perfect skills for a coach who is always looking for ways to grow teams and lead businesses to achieve a productive workplace culture and reach their potential goals based on respect, trust, and effective communication.

When she’s not coaching teams to success, Carrie enjoys a peaceful life in Austin TX. with her fiancé Garry, five children, 2 dogs and cat. They love spending time as a family, camping and attending their kids sporting events. Carrie loves cooking and trying new recipes on her spare time. Carrie is a huge football fan and loves cheering on her favorite team the New Orleans Saints!