These are the most common questions we have been asked over the years.

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Q: Is the DISC Team Culture Works program hosted on-site or virtually?
A: The team training can be delivered both on-site or virtually, your choice!

Q: How many people can attend the Team Culture Works program at one time?
A: We have worked with teams as small as 2 and as large as 12,000.

Q: Do you use DISC as the primary team communication assessment tool?
A: YES, every participate receives a custom DISC assessment. We believe that DISC is the most effective, user friendly communication style tool available.

Q: What if my team works remotely?
A: Every team training program we offer can be delivered virtually. It’s so important for remote team members to feel part of the company’s vision and build camaraderie with co-workers. Remote teams often see the most success with our team culture programs!

Q: How long is the DISC team culture training program?
A: The initial team culture training is 1-2 days, depending on the size of the group. After that, most clients continue with the annual program which consists of 1-day per quarter for growth and accountability. Your DISC Team Trainer will customize the program length based on your end goals.

Q: How far do you travel to host the DISC team culture training events?
A: We travel to our clients anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

Q: We don’t have an area large enough to hold the team training on-site. What do we do?
A: Regardless of the size of your office, we find that most teams enjoy the training most when it is held in an off-site conference room, hotel meeting space, or anywhere out of the office that is private and quiet.

Q: Are you available for DISC team culture training on the weekends?
A: Sure, whatever you need to make it happen!

Q: Will each participant take a DISC assessment?
A: YES! The individual DISC assessments will be emailed to each participant 1 week prior to the training. They will receive their DISC assessment results privately during the morning training session.

Q: How much does the DISC Team Culture Works training cost?
A: There are 3 separate fees for the program: the individual DISC assessments ($89/ea.), the travel fee (if it’s more than 50 miles outside of Dallas, TX), and the Club Day (training workshop) fee which is $2500/ 1-day and $3500/ 2-day (includes systems training) Participation in our unlimited accountability and support monthly program, Team Culture Club, is $133/mo.