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Dental Team Culture Club and Systems Training

Dental team culture is a shared approach to work based on beliefs, values, and attitudes. In a nutshell, the culture is simply “how you do things at work”. It highlights what’s most important to a practice and impacts every part of your success.

Our culture club teaches dental teams how to implement specific communication techniques that naturally create a culture of effective communication. In addition, these skills will allow your team members to better connect with patients. Teams enrolled in our ongoing team culture workshops have experienced a significant increase in case acceptance, positive attitudes, and productivity. 

Here are just a few benefits of enrolling in our culture club program: 

  • Effective Communication: Team members that communicate well are 92% more successful than those that lack effective communication skills. 
  • Engaged Team Members: Employees invested in the practice get better results and are often more productive and efficient. Engaged team members are motivated and enjoy the office environment. 
  • Reduce Turnover: Engaged employees are less likely to search for a new job, reducing recruiting and hiring costs. 
  • Improved Collaboration: An effective team culture provides connections and outlets for employees to work together to solve problems. 
  • Increased Productivity: Employees who care about the company, its culture, and its purpose are often more productive, allowing you to conduct more business without hiring more people. In addition, they learn skills to elevate every aspect of the patient experience including: the initial call, clinical hand-offs, treatment planning and case acceptance, and insurance verbiage. 
  • Opportunities for Innovation: Productive, collaborative employees come up with new ideas and often make them happen. This kind of innovation helps push your team and your business forward. 

DISC Assessments 

At Team Culture Works, we use DISC assessments to help identify team members’ unique behavior tendencies. These assessments provide a laser-focused method for quickly achieving deeper insights that might otherwise take months or years to bring to light. Assessments can yield considerable gains in self-awareness and self-perception that an individual can use to better understand themselves and others. 

The DISC assessment is composed of scientifically formulated questions that provide an accurate description of an individual’s strengths, limitations, and workplace preferences. Once completed, a 52-page report is generated and privately shared with the individual. The DISC assessment tools have been used by more than 40 million people to improve the work environment, get more done and reduce stress. 

What is a Dental Team Culture Club Workshop? 

Improve your practice culture with a private team workshop specially designed to help your teams align, communicate, and work together effectively. We offer 1-day, 2-day, and quarterly culture club options. While most clients choose to have their Team Culture Club Workshop at the office, other options include private conference rooms, private dining rooms, and hotel meeting rooms. Regardless of location, we ask that your entire team attends and distractions are minimized. 

Dental Team Training

Team Culture Camp Agenda: 

Part I: Self-Awareness 

Part II: Effective team communication and conflict resolution skills 

Part III: Patient-focused business systems centered around relational dentistry 

Team Culture Camp Attendee Stats: 

62% felt a stronger sense of belonging 

81% agreed that past conflict could have been avoided had they known the information learned in their Club Day (training workshop) 

72% were motivated to elevate their performance and sustain a positive attitude at work

Included with every Team Culture Club Workshop: 

  • DISC Discovery Call to Uncover the Current Culture Needs 
  • Individual DISC, Motivators, and Emotional Intelligence Assessment for Each Team Member (results are confidential) 
  • Team Dynamics Report 
  • One-On-One Team Member Virtual Pre-Camp 15-minute Meeting 
  • Custom Workshop Content Designed Around Your Specific Goals Including: Telephone Skills, Creating an Exceptional Patient Experience, Insurance Verbiage, Case Presentation, and Clinical Hand-offs. 
  • Interactive Team Training Including Team Building Activities 
  • Post-Culture Camp Coaching Call 

Dental Team Systems Training Workshops: 

Dental Team Culture simply means the “way your team does things”. Our systems training workshops offer the skills, knowledge, and tools to create a better “way of doing things”. The goal during each training course is to teach your team how to master these skills in an effort to elevate the patient experience while growing the practice the RIGHT way.  Each workshop is approx. 2-4 hours and can be added into the culture club program.

Mastering Telephone Skills 

In this training course, students will learn the skills they need to be able to answer the phone in a welcoming manner and maximize their ability to turn every call into a positive outcome for the practice. 

Course Objectives: 

✓ Create an amazing first impression using the proven “5-point system” 

✓ Respond to different personality types in an appropriate manner using the DISC technique 

✓ Properly answer, “Do you take my insurance?” 

✓ Learn excellent telephone etiquette 

✓ Increase new patient call conversions 

✓ Master the art of creating trust over the telephone in an effort to maximize revenue 

Creating the Ultimate New Patient Experience 

In this training course, students will learn the skills to ensure that the new patient experience follows the 10 steps necessary for the patient to stay, pay, and refer their friends. 

Course Objectives: 

✓ Create confidence and trust to ensure that the patient feels good about their decision to call us 

✓ Implement a very specific hand-off protocol 

✓ Learn the most effective new patient flow throughout the appointment 

✓ Maximize the check-in / check-out procedure 

✓ Answer the question, “How can the new patient experience continue after their appointment?” 

Understanding the Benefit Breakdown 

In this training course, students will understand how to interpret different insurance benefits and properly calculate insurance estimates. 

Course Objectives: 

✓ Master the art of answering “Are you in my network?” 

✓ Overcome patient’s insurance objections 

✓ Learn how to verify benefits efficiently 

✓ Define the 4 key factors when calculating insurance estimates 

✓ Create an insurance calculation guide to ensure correct treatment estimates are being given to patients 

Treatment Planning and Increasing Case Acceptance 

In this training course, students will learn how to present treatment to patients in a manner that increases case acceptance. 

One of DISC’s most intriguing applications is leveraging its behavioral profiling and adaptability methodology for dental case acceptance. During the Case Acceptance Workshop, participants will learn about the basics of DISC: first understanding their own behavioral styles and then how to identify the behavioral styles of others – even within moments of meeting them.

Being able to efficiently identify the behavioral styles of others, empowers professionals with the insights to adapt their communicative “selling style” to meet the communicative “buying style” of their patient. Other topics covered in this course include: identifying patient’s needs, managing patient financial expectations and a complete exploration of the case presentation process from A to Z.

Course Objectives: 

✓ Learn the #1 factor for patient case acceptance 

✓ Create an “eye appealing” treatment plan 

✓ How to properly answer insurance questions 

✓ Master how to gain patient commitment to treatment 

✓ Recognize key buying signals 

✓ Overcome patient financial objections 

Building the Perfect Schedule 

In this training course, students will learn the art of scheduling in an effort to maintain steady production and meet the monthly practice goals. 

Course Objectives: 

✓ Learn to schedule for profitability and clinical ease 

✓ Implement protocol for recall appointments and scheduling outstanding treatment 

✓ Learn how to effectively handle emergency patients 

✓ Reduce canceled or failed appointments 

See our FAQ page for more information including program options, fees, and more.

What Our Clients Say…

dental team culture

Tracy blew our expectations out of the park! She really did a deep dive into our culture and delivered spot-on training of our strengths, weaknesses, and the steps we need to take to reach our desired team environment!  -Bill S.

After the DISC Team Training program, my team’s communication is incredible! Everyone has a positive vibe and productivity has really increased. -Valerie S.

Tracy did a presentation for our team for our 10-year anniversary team building event. She is a very knowledgeable and an impressive speaker. She did fantastic at teaching and showing the group how to communicate with each other and grow together. We are a better team because of her! -Kellie H.

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